Monday, May 18, 2015

Mad Men Finale, the End of an Era : just a few random thoughts on it all

After watching that last Mad Men episode I feel compelled to just babble about my enjoyment of it a little further than twitter could allow. It's late though, so forgive the writing errors :-s

I've watched from the beginning and have loved the attention to little historical details in the environment because it made me feel like I was seeing a tiny glimpse of how the world looked when my grandparents were in their prime: raising kids that would turn out to be my parents and aunts and uncles, working in jobs that don't necessarily exist anymore, and buying products that someone like Don Draper canonized in an ad. For instance, I remember watching Don work on Utz chips. I had never in my life heard of this brand before, but what do ya know? I walk in a grocery store that week and *bam*...Utz chips are sitting on the shelf in front of me! I liked that moment.
Going in I didn't have any expectations really, just a lot of curiosity as to how it was all gonna wrap up, and if Don would survive. After all these years of watching the intro with the little shadow guy jump out of a tall Madison Ave building into a spiraling fall, I kind of figured it was Don losing his shit and committing suicide lol. 

But instead everything seemed to come full circle for the characters, though not all endings shown were happy ones. Betty was dying of lung cancer, and still smoking away. Sally and her little brother stepped up and started dealing as best they could with the situation. Little Gene, their half-brother, finally spoke! lol

And Joan got a nice break with Ken in her career, which she offered a partnership in to Peggy. And I loved seeing that. But Joan still has love problems :-/

Peggy however, she finally caught a break in that department...with Stan!!! And that scene was fantastic! Look how cute they are in their before pic!
...And after getting together:)

Another thing I loved was not in the show but on IFC channel itself haha!
It's pretty cool that the sister network supported this epic finale. 
It felt like a party :D

And of course the meditating Don....

Which leads into the famous, "I'd Like To Buy the World a Coke" ad...

And lets us see the hippie girl in it looks like the one from where Don had been hanging out prior to meditation scene...
And as pointed out on twitter it comes even more full circle when we recall Betty's brushes with the Coca-Cola company ads, as well. 

All in all I stand by my first thoughts :)
I loved the #MadMenFinale ending; very clever, very appropriate. #EndOfAnEra

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