Friday, May 11, 2012

Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris

Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse, #12)Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I don't even know what to say about this one because it's completely NOT what I was expecting. Usually I find all of the Sookie books un-put-downable and give up sleep just to see what happens next! But this one? Nope. It was boring and I kept putting it down to watch tv instead or even do homework!lol
Basically it comes down to this. I read a quote from Charlaine about the release of Deadlocked in which she said that she worked hard to make her books the best they could be and that this book marked an "essential passage in Sookie's history". Since I've loved all the Sookie books, even the ones many other people disliked, I was excited. I saw a lot of crazy and Sookie-world potential storylines that could come from the Cluviel Dor. But When reading this latest book I didn't feel like much happened. I felt like I followed Sookie around for a few days while she did random and boring things like laundry or whatever.
Sookie also felt a little off from her character consistency too. She has a birthday in this book and though I can't recall how old she turns (does the book even say directly?) I do know she's still under 30. My problem is that at one point Sookie describes Bill using her computer and she doesn't know what a "jump drive" is or even that her computer has usb ports!!! The wtf-ery of this moment was just too ridiculous for me. I mean seriously y'all, even my mom knows what they are.
And last but not least, when the Cluviel Dor moment finally comes it really wasn't a moment for me at all. It was too late by that point; the book had lost me much earlier in it's clutter of mundane and I could care less at that point what she did with the damn thing. I never thought I'd say this but I sure do hope this series is coming to a satisfactory end because I'm worried it will lose it's magic and run on without any feet.

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