Monday, March 26, 2012

Fair Game by Patricia Briggs (Alpha & Omega Series #3)

Title: Fair Game
Author(s): Patricia Briggs
Genre: Fiction -Science Fiction/Paranormal
Hardcover:304 pages
ISBN: 9780441020034
Publisher: Penguin Group(March 06, 2012)

Holy crap! I just finished reading Fair Game, book 3 in the Alpha and Omega series, and man was it ever the most  satisfying read! I laughed, held my breath, became angry, and even experienced chills while reading it, lol.
If you have not read the Mercy Thompson series and the corresponding Alpha & Omega series by Patricia Briggs then you HAVE TO READ THEM NOW! I cannot even begin to explain how awesomely intricate the world is and how gorgeously detailed and nuanced the characters are in these books :D

It's as if they are real people, and Ms. Briggs is beautifully relaying their deeds and adventures to us much like a good friend who has the best way of sharing gossip without it having any seemly qualities to it, lol!

In this A&O series, Anna and Charles are the main characters. Charles is the second son of Bran (the Marrock whom we know from Mercy's tales) and Anna is his mate and a very special woman. She is an Omega, which is something rare and very valuable type of person because of the special abilities they bring to the table in strengthening a pack. This is explained very well in the first books and while entertaining and fun, the first 2 books give way for Briggs to really make the A&O story come alive in Fair Game. It's a lotta bit mystery/suspense, a little bit urban fantasy/romance, and of course the scifi and paranormal all mixed into a divinely fantastic tale. I loved it and once again can't wait for my next hit of Brigg's master storytelling!


  1. I am so behind on the Mercy series and this one. I loved the novella to this one and the first book. Looks like I've been missing out. Sorry to hear that Hunting Ground and River Marked disappointed. I still think I'd enjoy those since I like the characters so much. :)

    Irene (Hunting and Fishing Stores)

  2. I love this series and this book did not disappoint me at all! I cant wait until the next installment in this series comes out!

    Zaira Lynn (Cash Advance Company)