Friday, February 17, 2012

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Author(s): Isaac Marion
Genre: Fiction
Mass Market Paperback:239 pages
ISBN: 1439192324
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group(April 26, 2011)

I had NO idea what to expect from this book but I’d heard it was good and seen it get an average of 4 or more stars from various readers and bloggers that I trust. So when the opportunity to enter a contest and participate in an online book club for it came along, I decided to do it. And am I ever glad I did:D
This book is amazingly written! The author has a unique way of weaving complex and seemingly random information into not just dialogue but also into the characters themselves. I found myself often reading a portion and then stopping to jot down my own personal thoughts and feelings in regard to R and his musings or actions. R is the main character and a zombie. And since he’s a zombie, there is little he recalls of his former self aside from the fact that his name began with an “R”. The zombie disease spread like the epidemic it is, and all the undead crave living flesh to feed the incessant hunger that plagues them. Eating flesh of the living is the only way they can “live”.

But R is different. Though muddled and sticky, he begins to have thoughts on things other than just human flesh. He wonders how old he is, what did his job used to be that caused him to still be wearing slacks, tie and shirt, and wants to know names of the others. But none of them remember or seem interested in being a philosophical zombie like R.  He feels lonely and adrift until suddenly he eats the brain of young man named Perry. Everything starts to snowball from there, into one of the best and weirdest retellings of Romeo and Juliet I’ve ever read.
Warm bodies is one of those fiction books that is so well written it made me reflect more than most nonfiction I’ve read. It’s a fantastic mix of things I never would have thought could work: zombies, romance, and what it means to be alive.

Thanks to Danielle at for hosting the fabulous online discussions (great questions Danielle!) and also to Isaac Marion for donating the copy I was lucky enough to receive. I loved it! 

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