Thursday, February 9, 2012

Be Capitol Ready with Cinna's Liquid Skyliner


  1. I find all the Hunger Games make-up products to be kind of baffling, because they seem to be Capitol-style things. Weren't the Capitol people the folks you wouldn't want to be, the ones who got their entertainment from watching kids kill each other?

  2. Yeah I felt the same at first and I think that's why there's a focus on Cinna for the products. But I also think it fits with the books in that not all the Capitol people were necessarily bad; Cinna, for instance, was not only a Capitol person who dressed in Capitol fashion but also a creator of that fashion himself. Yet he was not bad and instead a friend to Katniss.
    But there's also the marketing aspect of it; like the way products with The Joker from Batman or Venom from Spiderman are popular even though they're archenemies/rivals/etc of the hero. So I'm guessing if it's marketable and can be tied-in it will be made.

    1. True, and goodness knows they'll market things any way they can think of. There was an entire section of Twilight-inspired products at my Walmart whenever the movies came out, and I know the Hollywood money people are hoping that the Hunger Games books will make for just as popular movies.