Monday, August 22, 2011

Rogue by Rachel Vincent (Shifters #2)

 Title: Rogue (Shifters, book 2)

Author(s): Rachel Vincent
Reading Level/Genre: Fiction -Paranormal
Paperback:400 pages
ISBN: 9780778329145
Publisher: Mira (February 1, 2010)

Ms Vincent, I am an idiot! LOL I almost didn't see how fantastic and awesome your Shifters series is and that would have sucKed!! Thank goodness there are other readers and bloggers out there that saved me from doing that because I am well and truly hooked on your books now:D I just finished reading Rogue and by the time I was on chapter 5 I was wondering how I ever felt so "meh" about Faythe, Marc, and all the other Pride peeps. 

Faythe has won me over and I guess because I started out as not a fan, I love her that much more now that her story has drawn me in so deep. I find her relationship with her father and mother so interesting to watch as she works at building autonomy while balancing it with interdependance necessary for a shifter in a pack. It's something that definitely affects her fear of commitment to Marc too. I love Marc but just when I feel like Faythe is being dumb for not committing to him he does something over-the-top that makes me say, "well damn Faythe, you are right". 

Then there's the details of the series itself: when I read book 1 I didn't expect some of the smallest details to turn into important leads in this book. I've been so used to the routine of reading series that I thought I pretty much knew exactly what was coming but Rogue did a great job of surprising me with a couple things and I liked that. Now I can't wait to read book 3 but since I'm short on cash I have to suffer and wait my turn for it through the library! lol  

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