Thursday, August 11, 2011

Monster Review-a-thon Mini Challenges #4

Mini Challenge #4:
Well challenge numero quattro is to work on updating review lists. bout I didn't even know what a review list is! LOL ::blushes::
If I've got it right though it's basically a page listing all the reviews you've done. Usually they seem to be organized by titles in alphabetical order. I've gotta be honest, I'm not too keen on creating one. It's a lot of work to do and there's no way I'd get it done within the week that this challenge consists of since I'd be creating it completely seeing as I've never had one:P So this is a "skip" for me right now.


  1. We were putting off updating ours from scratch as well. We were hoping to wait for the summer Bloggiesta, but decided we just needed to do it this week and be done with it. It's a pain, but a nice reference tool. I would suggest at least adding a "search this blog" widget for your sidebar if you're not going to make an overall list just yet.

  2. Youre right, I really need to work this!lol But it's late right now and gotta work tomorrow..I'll get back to this asap though