Monday, August 8, 2011

Monster Review-a-thon Mini Challenge #1

Rethinking Your Review Format
Thanks to Kristen and Kate at The Book Monsters for hosting this Review-a-thon Challenge! It came at a good time for me, so I've been inspired to tweak here and there on my blog. You can participate even if you don't blog but review books on a social network like goodreads, so check it out:) 

1. Are you happy with your review format currently?
Pretty much. 
I sometimes wish I could just do a brief opinion post with a quick # rating like I do sometimes on goodreads, but I feel like that would be too flimsy for a blog post...though it's possible I might try something like that with tumbler someday. I find the brevity of tumbler very appealing.

2. Scrutinize it a little more, maybe compare it to other blogs you like, anything you think you might change?
Like you guys mentioned, I've always liked the idea of adding quotes or passages to the reviews too. Many times I've wanted to showcase a favorite part, or hook other readers to a book I adored with a great line from it, but I've been reticent to do so because I'm not sure of the rules. I think I heard somewhere that due to copyright you could only post a certain percentage of the book total or have some kind of permission from the publisher or something? Anyone know?    

3. Implement some basic changes and tell us what you think. Or, you can tell us one or two aspects of your reviews that you like.
The major thing I've always focused on in my reviews is no spoilers. I HATE spoilers. So I try to write the kind of reviews I myself would like to read: brief and to the point, highlighting what it's about without giving away the whole story, and doing it only for books I enjoyed. Or if I didn't really like them but I felt it was still worth reading, or that it was a book that needed discussion by virtue of its theme or something, then I might post something, but otherwise it'd be a waste of my time to give any more focus to something I absolutely disliked. I generally just keep it simple and mark a 1-star rating on goodreads and move on for those.

The main change so far is adding the thank you line when I've received a review copy from NetGalley, GalleyGrab, or the publisher/author directly. I don't know why it didn't occur to me that I could do this before! ::smacks head:: But I like being able to show that simple thanks, because I really appreciate their effort. If I bought it myself or checked it out from the library I don't see any reason to add that so I probably won't. Hmmm....actually, that's how it started that it never occurred to me to include a line of thanks previously because all the books I reviewed when I began blogging were purchases and library books only. Wow, I figured it out lol


  1. I think it falls under fair use to quote a few passages from a book strictly for review purposes. I wouldn't worry about that too much.

  2. I agree with Rikki, it's not like you are claiming it as your own material, so no worries. I still have to investigate Tumblr. I feel like I'm already over-social-media-ed. :)

  3. lol, yeah I dont want to have to keep track of too many social networks either. but I was thinking more along the lines of possibly doing an eventual transition from blogger to tumbler altogether. kinda like the way people abandoned myspace for fb back in the day? but idk, it might not work for book blogging...I kinda think out loud random ideas as they pop in my head lately lol