Sunday, July 17, 2011

Divergent Winner! and where I've been...

I'm overdue on posting the winner of Divergent arc so before I do anything else, let me announce the person who will finally be receiving it:

(email begins with "oneof...")

Congratz Susan, I'll be emailing you shortly:)

I apologize for being incommunicado; life has just really sucked recently. I've been having issues with my kidneys since the end of June. If you've ever wondered about my blog title, getting sick is one of those sorrows I try to pacify with reading. When you're laid up in bed reading can become a natural hobby, and tv and blogging tend to follow too. But sometimes illness can be so draining and painful that I don't have the energy to get online or even read :-/ I confess that there was, however, time spent crying lol. Luckily I'm doing better even if I'm not 100%. In any case, I might be a little less active here for a while but I'm here. And I'll try and do a better job of not geting too behind :)

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