Monday, May 23, 2011

Sweet Treats I've EnjOyed of Late:)

The spring semester is finally over for me! And that means I'll have a break to read to my heart's content before summer semester begins and swamps me all over again with textbooks and homework :-s

Blogging has been almost impossible since I moved recently (again) and that's been throwing all my things into new places that I still have trouble locating. Plus Blogger was acting crazy and not letting me post, or erasing them when I tried till just a couple days ago. So suffice it to say things have been stressful but I did manage to read several books amidst all the craziness and also enjoy a few other treats along the way too.
First up, The Vampire Diaries. I hadn't cared for the books but I did see the pilot when it premiered. I wasn't into it though and after the second episode fell flat for me as well, I stopped watching altogether. Then my friend Maria insisted it was actually a great show and that I should watch the entire 1st season. So when I was home sick awhile back I watched all of Season 1 and I really liked it!! 

It took the first disc for me to get drawn in but once Damon (played by Ian Somerhalder) became a consistent character I was hooked. He somehow makes me root for him even though he's kind of insane, lol. 

My next indulgence was Showtime's Nurse Jackie. I was able to watch Season 1&2 and gotta say, it's my new favorite so far! Especially Season 1, because it has Mo-Mo de la Cruz! I'm so pissed that he didn't come back in the second one:(

But Akalitus is hilarious and the dark comedy is awesome goodness that will make you just as addicted as the lovely Jackie Peyton, R.N.

Definitely check it out if you're a fan of crazy cable tv dramas like Weeds, Dexter, Mad Men, etc
In the book arena, I fell in love with author Marie Force's Love At First Flight. It's an outstanding contemporary romance and well worth the purchase price! Thanks to Limecello for introducing me to Marie and her book over on her site; it's the best part of book blogging:) 
The book is about Michael and Juliana who meet on a plane and pretty much click instantly as friends. Both are in current relationships and have a nice chat but don't much expect to see each other again. But fate intervenes and I loved the plot twists and characters. Here's the excerpt Lime posted that made me want to read the book:
“I’m only asking you for one thing, Juliana. Come find me. I’ll either be here or in Newport – you know where – and I’ll be waiting for you. I don’t care if it’s a week, a year, five years, twenty years. Find me.”
“But surely you’ll be married with a family -”He shook his head. “Never. It’s you or no one. So don’t think for a minute I won’t still want you or that my pride is too wounded to forgive you. I’ve already forgiven you. That’s how much I love you.”
Another book I enjoyed is Wither by Lauren DeStefano, book 1 of The Chemical Garden Trilogy. It's a YA Dystopic and pretty dark. It's set in a future where humans have basically genetically ruined themselves in hopes of prolonging life without illness. There was success with a "first generation" that has no health issues, long lives, and no fear of contracting disease. However, their children and any of the children born thereof, are doomed to lifespans of no more than 20-25 years depending on gender. Because people are dying out so young, and reproduction is under time constraints, and children then become orphaned, society is in a strange unbalanced chaos that includes child brides and polygamous "marriages" by men of wealth taking advantage of the desperate situation. It's an interesting take on biology, society, and genetic modifications.

And last but not least, the Starbucks Cake Pops, LOL. These things are my new favorite treats! I love the pink one called Birthday Cake the most, but have also had Tiramisu (the light brown/beige one) as well. I'm not a chocolate fan so Rocky Road has yet to be tasted but I'm sure it's just as delish. Try one! 

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