Sunday, February 27, 2011

And the Oscar goes to...?

So tonight is Oscar night and I'll be watching with my bestys as we chomp on pizza, chat about who's wearing what, and make a night of celebrating all the movie magic

I love movies just as much as books. It's all about the storytelling for me and the more someone does it well enough for me to lose myself in it, the better! 
I can mark time by movies I've seen and songs I've heard, so watching award shows are just another facet of that enjoyment for me. We've made a tradition, my friends and I, of spending Oscar night in, with comfy couch pillows, drinks, carbs and cheap talk, LOL! So I'm really looking forward to tonight's 83rd Academy Awards and rooting for a couple of favorite flix. I think it'll also be interesting to see James Franco and Anne Hathaway host. I hope they're funny though because one thing I need is plenty of good jokes to break up any monotony.

This year there are so many nominees for Best Picture that I didn't get to see them all yet. 
Usually I make it a point to have seen all those before the awards but I just didn't have enough time and money this year. I did manage to see all but two though, which is pretty good. I lack seeing True Grit and The Fighter but did finally manage to see Black Swan after tons of cancellations *whew*
I didn't want any spoilers so I just saw it tonight! I'm still reeling from the crazysauce that it was lol :D

In any case, I can't wait to see what film scores the little gold man in that category. They were all so good! It's rare that I'm able to say that about all the films in Best Picture category but I have enjoyed this year's picks immensely.
So happy movie watching everyone! Hope your night is as silly and fun-filled :)


  1. about halfway through the Oscars and its been a lot of hits and misses so far hehe =D


  2. lol yeah, I started getting bored and was disappointed there weren't any really funny sketches or jokes:-s