Thursday, January 6, 2011

GEtting GraPhic: Mercy Thompson: Homecoming by Patricia Briggs

Title: Mercy Thompson: Homecoming
Author(s): Patricia Briggs
Reading Level/Genre: Graphic Novel
Hardcover:168 pages
Publisher: Del Rey/Dabel Brothers (August 25, 2009)

I love graphic novels but I'm also really picky about the artwork. I wasn't too excited about how Mercy looked, which I felt to be reeeally inconsistent throughout. She would look too masculine and then suddenly oversexualized on the next page, and her face/hair/everything look completely different from the drawings of her inside the book, not to mention nothing like how she looked on the original book covers. And I loved her on the book covers, especially on Iron-kissed.  
But the story was ok, as it tells about Mercy meeting Tad and Zee for the first time, and also her first meet-up with Adam. However even the storyline was a bit shaky since it seemed to wanna veer completely away from what was described to happen in the books in some instances. Like how Stephan and she discuss her being a walker from the get-go, when in the books Mercy says she didn't realize he knew what she was. Nonetheless I enjoyed seeing Stephan illustrated, especially since he vastly differed from my own imagined form of him. Though you can see in the panels below Mercy already looks oddly different from the previous rendition of her character basically just a page before. 

Overall though, I still liked seeing what Zee and Adam and others looked like in comic form and as a fan I'll definitely read the next one that comes out too, since I like reading every available piece of a story I can.
(read &reviewed on my goodreads March 2010)


  1. perfect timing for this reviw LOL I just ordered this from Book Depot... I had read some so-so reviews but like you, I wanna have all I can from the series =D

  2. lol its the sickness of being a book addict, it makes us buy almost anything written by the authors we love