Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oprah's Holiday Book Club Selection

I've been reading along with the Oprah Book Club off and on since it began (sometime around 1998 I think?). And since this year is her last for the show I decided to jump on board and try to squeeze in a re-read of Great Expectations and A Tale of Two Cities.(that's the plan anyway,hahaha)
The Oprah edition released by Penguin is a pretty cover and includes both books. You can get it for $20 or less, and check out the publisher's page here.

I love Charles Dickens and was shocked when Oprah mentioned she'd never read anything by him. Who doesn't read Great Expectations in high school?! It just seemed everyone had to, lol. David Copperfield is another fave I read back then, too.

His A Christmas Carol meant so much to me I put it in my Scholastic Bookprint:) Seriously, that story has everything I love: paranormal, drama, romance, family, humor, friends, Christmas, and a moral to boot! It's my kind of book. Of course, I didn't actually read it till middle school. As a kid I just watched the Mickey Mouse version and the TV specials :P  

So now I must read that for the holidays too; and how I wish I could go to dear Mr. Fezziwig's Ball *sigh*
How bout y'all? Ever read Dickens? Do you have a favorite? 

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