Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Late to the Party Don...

But I'm damn glad I came!
AMC's Mad Men has been on for a while now but I'm just now getting to watch it. So far I've only seen season 1, disc 1 and there is already so much to discuss! 
Set in 1960's NewYork, the show begins with this explanation:
Mad Men.
A Term coined in the late 1950s to describe the advertising executives of  Madison Avenue.
They coined it.
Well hell. That is just about the best description of the show's tone, its characters, and their egos I've ever heard. It's a history lesson and drama in one, done in the most entertaining of ways with nifty fashion and an appealing cinematic feel that sucks you into the world of vodka gimlets and smoking indoors. 
With the exception of Don Draper, the people of this series are not yet recognizable as individuals to me this early in the show. But Don is complicated enough for now. I can't wait to see what is in store for his character.

Already I've been shocked by him calling his wife's psychiatrist to get a full rundown of her prognosis and discuss her medical records as if she were his child rather than his partner. Call me naive but it never occurred to me that this was possible in the 1960s. I mean yes, that was a long time ago but still, it's not like it was the dark ages...or so I thought. And now I'm discovering there's a LOT of details I never thought about in our history. I'm enjoying this foray into the past.


  1. I haven't gotten into this show. Perhaps I need to start. :)

    Btw, have an award for you HERE.

  2. I saw you mentioned on Melissa's Books and Things site, well done on the award, and as I love visiting new blogs and meeting other bloggers thought I'd stop by to say hello.

  3. @Melissa-
    thank u Melissa! I hadn't had a chance to check in here till now, and what a great surprise:D
    off to do my post now!

    @Petty Witter- thanks for coming over! I'm happy to meet you :)