Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble, Gobble!

I know it's been a while since I've been able post or reply to anyone on the web, so I just wanted to make sure and wish y'all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

*psst* my turkey & dressing never look like this, lol
I've had a crazy week that began with losing internet access last Wednesday and then then just being so busy at work that I would come home and crash, not even stopping to watch TV or call to get my internetz fixed :-s
And now I know why I was getting so tired...I woke up at 2am Sunday night/Monday morning with the craziest sore throat pain. Theraflu and Zyrtec-D  have been lifesavers but I hate hate hate being sick! I am determined to make it to my planned Black Friday sales! Oh well, at least I did get to do something fun this past Saturday.

David Sedaris was here in town for his book Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk, and I was thrilled to get the chance to go hear him speak. He told some crazy jokes and says he sort of collects them. So if he comes to your city, have a joke handy! He read from his book as well, and that was funny as hell. Even if I'd heard it before, there's nothing like hearing him tell his stories. Plus he read some of his diary entries from the tour and shared hilarious observations of some of the people he's run into thus far. I didn't get to stay for the signing because I had run over right after a long day of work and the bracelets had been given out that morning already. Mr. Sedaris though, was kind enough to say that if you stayed, you'd probably get your book signed. I, sadly, was just too tired and hot (it was packed!). If you don't know Mr. Sedaris' books I highly recommend them but insist that you listen to his audiobooks to get familiar with his voice. He has a great satiric style that comes across beautifully when he reads his own stuff and never fails to make me laugh! (His sister, by the way, is Amy Sedaris.) David is one of my favorite humorists, and I always enjoy him. Oh, and sidenote: the book is illustrated by Ian Falconer from the Olivia books :)

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  1. Oh I love Thanksgiving! Thanks for the wishes! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well. Did you get to make and eat your favortie food? I did. I had turkey and pumkin pie! I could live on that stuf for a few months!! yummm!!