Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Review: Play of Passion by Nalini Singh!!

Reading level/Genre: Romance - Paranormal

Paperback: 352 pages

Publisher: Berkley Sensation,division of Penguin Group (November 02, 2010)

ISBN-13:  978-0-425-23779-3

In exactly one week from today on Tuesday November 2nd, Play of Passion releases!
First of all, I am addicted to the Psy-Changling series and am a total fan of Nalini’s writing. So when I saw her blog contest for a chance to win one of 2 Play of Passion arcs, I immediately entered but never expected I’d actually win! I almost cried with joy when I saw my name was posted and the thrill still hasn’t left me, lol. So thank you Nalini for making my month! *grin*

ARC cover w/bookmark
signed by Nalini Singh :)

Play of Passion is Indigo and Drew’s story. As part of SnowDancer, both are wolf Changlings and so you would think their mating would be simpler than all the other relationships in the series so far, but in fact it is one of the most difficult pairings to bond! And it makes their story all the more intriguing and delightful :D

As a dominant female, Indigo Riviere has decided her choices for a true mate are extremely limited. Not only is she generally guarded in her displays of emotion, but she takes her job as lieutenant in the pack very seriously and doesn’t see how any male would be able to accept her for everything she is as a woman and pack dominant. She fears the potential caveat of being resented by a weaker male partner just as much as the risk of losing her sense of self and power if she were mated with a dominant male. And since hierarchy is vital to pack life and health, the commitments of mating, love and intimacy aren’t decisions Indigo feels at all comfortable making. 

Drew Kincaid is Riley's younger (book #6) and Brenna's older (book #3) brother, the SnowDancer pack’s tracker, and every bit as headstrong as Indigo. Being tracker comes with a lot of baggage and heavy responsibility, and if it were any other wolf doing the job he might not fit in the group so well. But Drew is a playful soul and a guy who is more like social glue than scary fringe group member, with his infectious smile and affectionate nature. And even though Indigo’s preconceptions of him as a younger and less dominant male seem to her like her worst possible match, he’s not going to give up on wooing her. Drew’s used to writing his own rules and love is no exception.

Play of Passion is totally sexy and made me laugh. I loved it! If you love paranomal romance and still haven't started this series, you definitely should asap!



  1. I love Nalini! I am so excited to get into the wolf den, finally :) I've heard so many good things, I can not wait a week

  2. @Christina- it's worth the wait:)

  3. Loved, loved your review! I'm so excited!

  4. @L-Silverio- aw, thanks!
    and just 4 more days!! :D

  5. *deep breath*
    I can't wait to read this one :) Wonderful review

  6. @Blodeuedd- thank u:)
    and guess what?! Nalini posted an excerpt of Kiss of Snow at http://thebookbinge.com/2010/11/exclusive-excerpt-snippet-kiss-of-snow.html! I just got my fix with Play of Passion and already I want more,lol