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Guest Post: HP Mallory, Author (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Today I'd like to welcome HP Mallory, author of the new Jolie Wilkins series.
She's' an idie published author and since I've heard different things as to what that means, I thought it'd be great for HP to explain what that process means for her and her books. 
Take it away HP :)

Hi! I’m H.P. Mallory and Bella had asked me to write a guest post about what it means to be an indie author, meaning I’m self published. So, I thought I’d start this post by talking a bit about my history and why I became an indie author.

My story starts about three years ago when I was living in Cambridge, England. I’d just finished my first book, Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble (a paranormal romance) and my critique partner, Lori Brighton, had suggested I try to find an agent. I sent out some query letters (the initial plug that gets an agent interested or not) and I got a ton of responses requesting the partial or full of the book! I was elated.

After a few months, I’d received a bunch of rejections but also two offers for representation, one from my dream agent! So, at this point, I’m thinking I’m made. I’ve nailed one of the best agents in New York and I’m well on my way.

So, my agent sends the book out to about five publishers and no one bites. Meanwhile I’ve started writing my second book, To Kill A Warlock (an urban fantasy).  After another three or so publishers reject Fire Burn again, I notice my agent isn’t returning my phone calls or emails. Hmm, so after she basically drops me without ever letting me know, I’m bummed!

I sit on both books for about two years, in which time I’ve moved to Edinburgh, Scotland where my husband attends Uni at Edinburgh and gets his MBA. Then we move back to California and my crit partner tells me about a few indie authors who are killing it on Amazon. So, I think to myself, hmm, what have I got to lose? My books are just sitting there collecting dust.

In July 2010, I upload both books to Amazon with the hopes of selling a few hundred total. And, bam! I’m shocked to find my books totally take off. So, then I start thinking—I can really make something of myself as an indie. I have two solid books and the response on both has been awesome. Maybe I should really push and try to get them out there…

 So, I find a bunch of bloggers who read the genres I write and I send them all emails introducing my book and myself. And, wow, they actually want to read my books! Pretty cool. And what’s even cooler is that the majority of them really like my work!

At this point, it’s been a couple of months and my books are competing with my traditionally published counterparts and doing really well! I’m so thrilled I made this decision and I haven’t looked back since.

Now, as to advising others to become indies or not, I think that is more complicated. First, any self pubbed author has to ensure that his or her work is up to par—meaning there aren’t grammar or layout issues, etc. They also should enroll the help of a crit partner review their work to ensure it’s as good as it  can be.

The thing to keep in mind is that when you’re an indie, you have only yourself to rely on in terms of publicity—you don’t have the backing of a huge New York publisher. So, you’ve got to really work to get your name out there. But, having said that, I love the creative freedom I have and the fact that I’m making my own way.

Thank you to all my reviewers and my readers—without you, I wouldn’t have come this far!!

To learn more about my books and me, please visit my website:


Thanks for stopping by HP! I know a lot of readers are going to love your series. 
And for all you readers who like paranormal romance, scroll down to enter to win HP's book :D

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