Friday, September 17, 2010

Oprah's Latest Pick...

Oprah officially announced her latest Book Club selection today. It is Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. Of course the book world is abuzz and the selection actually leaked Thursday despite Book Club picks usually remaining so secret because as Oprah mentioned, she and the author have a little bit of a history. But Oprah's promised that all her picks for her last season are all going to be great ones, and her pick of Franzen's book seems in the spirit of moving forward. 

I've never read any of Jonathan Franzen's books before so I don't know if Freedom is something I'd like. So if you have read Freedom or any of his other books, let me know what ya think. I'd love to know :)


  1. Oprah's picks are kind of hit-and-miss for me. I liked some of them... but some of her picks have led to unread books sitting on my shelves because they're just so boring (like the Faulkner set).

  2. yeah, I know what u mean. That's how I felt about the Edgar Sawtelle book; I finished it but without any enjoyment, I was so bored. But I loved Anna Karenina and enjoyed Middlesex.

  3. I've not read a lot of Oprah's picks but the one that I did pick up "River Cross My Heart" I really enjoyed. Good luck with Freedom!


  4. I tagged you! You can check it out on my blog here!