Friday, September 17, 2010

Grey's Anatomy : season 6 finale / season 7 premiere!

Ok, so last season I was stuck at work till we closed at night and so I totally missed the Grey's Anatomy finale. I had not recorded it because I figured I'd just wait to see it later on Hulu or When I checked my twitter account, I started seeing all these tweets about how great that finale was so I got excited and tried watching it on Hulu but it wasn't available :(
Somehow I guess they weren't making the finale (which is in 2 parts) available online till Sept. 17th! So I've had to wait this WHOLE summer for it!! But thank goodness today is finally the 17th and I finally got to see my episodes. And it was worth the wait :D

I admit, somewhere around season 4 I'd gotten a little bored, but then I started watching again because I like Dr. Avery, lol

Plus I love the besties relationship between Yang and Mere, too. Now I can't wait for Season 7's premiere on ABC Sept. 23rd, Thursday 9/8c.

So what about y'all? What Fall TV shows are you looking forward too?


  1. Can't believe you had to wait all summer to see the finale! It was so totally intense (though after a while it got a bit overwhelming with all the gripping action!)

  2. it was excruciating to wait!lol and I agree, totally intense; that's why I loved it though, I dont watch too many dramas and Grey's gives me my fix