Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Twitter, Books, & Publishers

Having trouble navigating the ever-changing and quirky twitter-verse? I have too. I've had my account since about 2008 (I think) but didn't really use it very often until about the end of 2009. I started the account in order to follow my favorite authors, to enter and re-tweet their contests, "listen in" on publisher chats, and of course learn about new books. It's been the best experience ever and I've learned so much! It's the perfect format for me to learn because I'm a naturally shy person and tend to shy away from asking questions to someone I don't know. But with twitter (as well as blogs) I can read what others are saying and figure things out.

Hashtags in tweets were one of those mystifying doo-dads I figured out, but I still didn't always get what specific phrases meant or were used for addressing. Well the link below is to a Shelf Awareness article about some of the common publisher phrases, and how hashtags could make a huge difference in the reader-bookseller-publisher gaps in communication. Very cool indeed :)

Hashtags Could Save Publishing

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