Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Miss Jean Louise, stand up. Your father's passin'." --Harper Lee, To Kill A Mockingbird

There are few things I love more than books and films that are so good they become a part of our society's collective memory. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is one such book, and it turns 50 today.

I saw the movie as a kid (before I ever knew there was a book) on a Saturday morning TV run. I remember my mother exclaiming, "Oh, this a gooood movie. You should watch it." And so we did. I saw the film again in the 8th grade after reading the book as assigned. And here's the thing: I didn't really get it as a kid, but I'm so glad for the exposure back then anyway. It has allowed me this really exceptional look at the story. I can look back at it as I saw it as a child, sort of like Scout herself. And I can also see it now, as an adult. The combination of the two permeates me in a way that makes the book even more special to my understanding of the heart and soul of the book. To my mind, Gregory Peck is the perfect embodiment of Atticus and I recall wishing my dad were like him. As for the book itself, there is nothing better than actually reading the author's words; I love Harper's descriptions, and of course the films always abridge for time. I always recalled the line about it being a sin to kill a mockingbird and like Scout asked about it. It's funny how many lines have stuck with me from this story, both book & film. So Happy 50th To Kill a Mockingbird! And many more :)


  1. What a great video. Thanks for sharing it. I'm going to use it when I teach this book next school year.

  2. thnx :)
    u can also try:
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  3. and there's a badge u can add to ur blog that says: "I'm teaching To Kill a Mockingbird"
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