Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a quick Silver Borne review and April is almost over....

Since it was not a good month for me, I'm happy to move on to May. 

And the first thing I'm looking forward to in May is mailing out Silver Borne to the winner of the contest, which ends April 30th!
I read and loved this book so much.  

In short, the Mercy Thompson series is amazing. Patricia Briggs just sucks you in from the first chapter and you keep reading until you look up and realize, "Sh*t! it's 4:16 am and I gotta work tomorrow!! er, well I mean today....".

It's seriously like being kidnapped by the fey and dragged to Underhill, and then the spell breaks when you stop to go to the bathroom! Ah, but such is the magic of Briggs writing, and Silver Borne is hands-down my favorite of the series so far.

I've always been fond of Samuel Cornick but it has always been Adam the alpha that steals my heart in the series. But in this book Sam really just comes alive for me as a character. As you know from my previous post, I've been grieving the loss of a friend. In hard times I sometimes can't focus enough to read, and my mind wanders a lot. But then a good story (whether in a film, song, or book) will come along and help me deal. It just so happened to be a Mercy Thompson book this time and I'm ever grateful for the beautiful distraction. As I named my blog for that very reason, I once again turned to books to cope. Sometimes it's strange how everything seems to happen.
So good luck to all who entered. You won't be disappointed to read this one. I can't wait to give away a kick-ass book from the amazing Patricia Briggs, and am already thinking up what other awesome books that touched me and gave me joy, that I can also give away after this one :D

There's still time to enter too, so just click on the link in the sidebar and follow directions to enter by 04-30-10 midnight cst :)

as ever,

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