Monday, March 8, 2010

❤ AnGeLs and DEmoNs : rOmANce StYle ❤

the demons:

I've been reading Larissa Ione's Demonica series and the cover for book 5, Sin Undone, was just unveiled a couple days ago

Isn't she purdy? And it's gonna be prettier in person because the cover is gonna have a silver metallic finish to it, the way the others had their covers done. 
I love this series for its humor and the unique take on the protagonists as demons, with their explanation of heaven n' hell that leads them to say Oh Gods instead of the singular Oh God.
If your looking for another fun paranormal series the Demonica series is perfect.

the angels:

I discovered Nalini Singh because of the Guild Hunter series and now have begun reading her previous Psy books because of how much I loved vampire hunter Elena Deveraux and the dangerous Archangel Raphael.  Elena's will mixed with her haunted past add up to a fascinating great female lead and a great match for the vamps, angels, and other freak shows in this world.
Again, the stereotypes are thrown on their head because Singh's angels and archangels are not at all how popular conventions have depicted them. Angels are lethal, powerful, and completely not human.  I devoured Angel's Blood (book 1) and enjoyed it so much I requested Archangel's Kiss (book 2) for Valentine's Day from my boyfriend, lol

It's definitely one of my top romance faves, and I
Can't wait for book 3 in this series :D
...and note to Nalini~ I needz more Illium & his blue wings, stat! 

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