Saturday, December 26, 2009

...with solace in books

You may be wonderin' why I titled my blog "Beguile Thy Sorrow."
Well, there's a part in Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus where Lavinia, Titus' daughter, is raped and assaulted so brutally that her injuries prevented her from reading. Tamora's sons not only defiled her, but also cut off her hands and cut out her tongue, stealing her senses of touch and taste.
Lavinia's sorrow is compounded in its presentation of her forced silence. She can not tell her story, and she can not pick up a book from the library shelf; instead she "turns over with her stumps the books which LUCIUS has let fall," in Act 4, Scene 1.
When Titus sees her grief, he bids the boy to turn the pages of whatever books she chooses. It is my belief that there is indeed solace in books. He tells her,
"Come, and take choice of all my library,
And so beguile thy sorrow."


  1. What a beautiful quote and name for your blog! Welcome to the realm that is blogging. It's very addicting.. and time consuming, but totally fun! :-D

    And we have half-priced bookstores here in Illinois.. there's one about 15 minutes from me and I can't seem to leave there without taking at least 5 or more books... :-D

  2. thanx Kristen :)
    and I know what u mean- half my check can easily disappear at half-price-books,lol