Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Common Reader

Blogging is completely new to me and had you asked me a year ago if I 'd ever consider doing it, I would have said "never". Well... never say never, huh? So this here is my attempt to get out there, discuss some books, share my finds, and hopefully have some fun. I hope you find this blog either helpful or entertaining, and if it's neither....well then start your own, lol

Anyway, I'm just your average bookish girl that decided to try something new on a whim. I'm a common reader really, as Virginia Woolf might say;
I spend my free time reading, in my "rooms, too humble to be called libraries, yet full of books, where the pursuit of reading is carried on".

I mention Virginia, but don't get me wrong. I read mostly popular fiction these days. While many of the "classics" and distinguished literature have burned themselves into my soul, I'm a regular gal that reads Sookie Stackhouse novels, and then watches True Blood. Some of my favorite books have been books that critics deem crap, and some have been Pulitzer prize winners. All I know is that I liked 'em. And you might too.

So if you're looking for some ideas on what to read next, some reviews on mostly paranormal fiction, YA, or romance, then feel free to take a look around. Make yourself at home. And please drop me a line if ever you get a notion to. Thanks for stopping by :)


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